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Manchester nu-jazz collective Glowrogues was formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist and composer-producer Jim Molyneux. 


Jim says: “Manchester has an amazing music scene, there are some truly amazing creative personalities; the truth is that when I lived there I did plenty wedding gigs with these absolute monster players, and but not a whole lot else. It felt like the least creative way to spend time with some of the most creative people I know. So, I started this band and wrote some tunes.”


Four years on, and Glowrogues have taken their signature hip hop inspired jazz sounds on tours of the UK twice, released an E.P. and a live album, and performed a headline slot at Manchester Jazz Festival. 


Their latest musical offering, “Glowing,” released on December 11th 2020, features a sample from Patti Page’s 1952 recording of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” and also features Molyneux on vocals, as well as the band’s sax player, Sam Healey.

Molyneux recalls “This track started life as a lockdown sample flip competition between myself and a bunch of other good friends, who are all East London musicians and producers. We are all sent the same clip, and we have two hours to turn it into a one minute long beat, or piece, and then we all vote for our favourite. My one ended up sounding quite Glowrogues-y, and so I developed it into something a bit longer, stuck a vocal line on it, then I texted Sam and got him to put a solo on it.”


The video for Glowing features clips from Patti Page’s original 1952 video, with a twist.

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